Tariff for care of small animals while you go away

Rabbits/Ferrets: £4.50 per day
2 Bonded Rabbits: £5.50 per day
3 Bonded Rabbits: £6.50 per day

Guinea Pigs: £3.50 per day
2 Bonded Guinea Pigs: £4.50 per day
3 Bonded Guinea Pigs: £5.50 per day

Hamsters, gerbils, mice, chipmunks etc £2.00 per cage per day - £1.00 per day if boarding other animals with me at the same time

All of the above prices include dry and fresh food, unless a special diet is required.

Birds: £4.00 per cage per day

Please provide own food for birds
How much would it cost for piece of mind. Where could you leave your chickens when you go away. Who to contact for small holding retreat in Ilminster.